Make, Play, Learn

UME can bring Video Game Design to your STEM Camp!

After years of fine tuning and many requests, we are happy to be offering access to our curriculum and platform so others can take advantage of this engaging and educational programming to run camps this summer!

Things that matter!

“My son loved this group and we hope to do more with UME… Using the Unity engine was also a reason I (Mum) chose the program as this is one of the main game and 3D engines and so will be something my son can continue to develop skills in.

The pre-course setup of the program was of a high standard and it allowed students to easily be able to explore different game mechanics. Highly recommend it.”

- Outschool parent (Oct 21, 2021)

Easy to Use

Our platform makes the software and projects easy to access and use.

Relevant & Engaging

Supercharge the learning through projects that matter to students.

Curriculum Aligned

Meet learning goals through our library of Lesson Kits.


"UME's content has de-stressed a new instructor to the point that their passion and excitement is shining through!"

- Julian, MakeIt Zone

"I love seeing the energy and excitement that surges through students as they design and build their own playable video games."

- Robert, Secondary Teacher, Surrey BC.

“UME Academy aligns perfectly with the curriculum, this program checks every box in the Applied Design Skills and Technologies.”

- Joanna, grades 4/5 teacher, Capital Hill Elementary, BC